Can bananas cause abdominal pain?


Bananas are a popular healthy snack for many people. For some people however eating bananas can result in uncomfortable abdominal pain (‘stomach ache/tummy ache’).

So what exactly causes abdominal pain after eating bananas?

Normally the reason for abdominal pain after eating bananas is due to a food allergy or intolerance. Often the symptoms do not occur straight away but several hours after ingesting bananas.

An allergy or intolerance develops when the body’s immune system reacts to a substance (e.g: chemical, protein etc.) in the banana. The exact reason why the immune system does this is unknown. As a result, when you eat bananas the immune system reacts and causes the release of chemicals which result in pain and inflammation.

The symptoms of allergies/intolerances are very variable and will depend on the severity of the immune system response. As a result its important to seek professional medical help if you suspect you are suffering from an allergy or intolerance!

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  1. Is there a “cure” or way to relieve the pain after eating a raw banana. I have an intolerance but love bananas and gave in and ate one earlier today, I am now throwing up and have severe stomach cramps

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